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Experience parenthood without exhaustion & with complete peace of mind

Stay connected with your baby, anytime, anywhere

Live View from anywhere

Two - Way Talk

Night Vision

Whether its day or night, while you are at home or outside, see your baby when you want, with great clarity and talk to them.

Know when and why the baby will wake up, before the baby wakes up. 

Based on your sleep state or preferences, app wakes up the right parent to attend to baby's needs before the baby goes hysterical

More Energy for your days
More Sleep for your nights

Your formula to complete peace of mind

Know your baby is safe even when you are not watching. Get notified if there is any motion detected in the Smart Zones 

Play lullabies or white noise remotely

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Secure your memories forever

Capture and share cherished memories with your loved ones at a click of a button, without having to worry about the security of your data

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Cloud storage in India

Time-Lapse Video Album

Babies Sleep Better

Our AI predicts when & why baby will get up before baby goes hysterical. It alerts the parents in advance so they can prepare and attend the baby in time, preventing the baby from getting overstimulated by crying and get better sleep quality.

Parents Sleep Longer

Our solution wakes up the right parent (based on their sleep cycle stage and/or preferences) with actionable insights, allowing them wake up easier and go back to sleep faster.​ You can add grandparents or other caretakers as well.

Communicate Anytime, Anywhere

Our Live view and Two way talk allows you to not only see your baby from anywhere, anytime but also talk to them and coo them to comfort.

Smart Motion Detection Zones & Notifications

Draw specific zones within your cameras field of view where you would like to detect activity. When activity is detected, you will receive a notification in real-time.

White Noise & Lullabies 

Configure the smart app to play white noise or lullabies of your choice when AI predicts baby is going to wake up. Or play them while you are away at office to coo your baby.

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Crystal Clear Night Vision

While our AI is on full alert, you can watch your baby in the darkness with full clarity.

Moments to cherish for you and your family

Never miss a moment. View the time-lapse videos of your baby and share the memories with your loved ones. miasiestaai

Secure Cloud Storage in India

With secured streaming and cloud storage in India, your data is secure and never leaves Indian territory 

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